Sun Shading

Sun Shading


As trendsetter and pioneer, Renson is a world player in sun protection. Thanks to exhaustive testing and continuous innovation, the design of our products is optimized time and time again, durability is improved and comfort is raised to a higher level.


A building or home with large glazed surfaces facing south offers many advantages. During autumn, winter and spring, you enjoy the benefits of the incoming sunlight. But in the summer this can create an uncomfortable indoor climate and irritating light reflections. Architectural sun protection and screens prevent overheating. They stop the sun’s rays before they come into contact with glazed surfaces. Undesired heat and blinding light do not enter the building. This means no blinding or annoying reflections on TV or computer screens. And yet you still retain visual contact with your environment. The view outside is important, and it is respected.


Many countries have now signed the Kyoto protocol. With growing awareness, they are now acknowledging the detrimental but not yet irreversible effect man is having on our planet and on the climate in particular. They want to commit themselves to the cause and take corrective measures. If we want to reduce the greenhouse effect, energy consumption must fall. One major energy-consuming activity is the cooling of buildings. Efficient sun shading can partly and sometimes even fully resolve this issue. It makes additional cooling unnecessary and saves on energy. Various governments have already agreed on laws in relation to energy consumption and ventilation.


You enjoy your garden year-round. And, you can also enjoy your sunscreens year-round. Everyone wants an outdoor view and as much natural daylight in their home as possible, while always keeping the indoor climate under control. And that is what sunscreens are for. It is the only way to guarantee indoor comfort both during the hot summer months and the cold winter. Moreover, sunscreens also positively affect your power consumption.


When the sun is high in the sky, efficient external sun shading is a necessity to prevent the indoors overheating. Using architectural sunscreens reduces the need for power-hungry air conditioning. It also improves indoor comfort without losing sight of your garden.


When the sun is low in the sky, it is important to optimally use the benefits of sunlight (warmth and light) to increase comfort and reduce power consumption.


Whatever system you select, the architectural external sun shading of RensonR adds extra cachet to your home. You emphasize the shape of your facade, accentuate the style of your home, or provide a playful accent.


Horizontal architectural sun protection above a window, Vertical sun protection in front of a window, fixed or movable. Our dynamic systems help you achieve openness or privacy and manage the incoming sunlight and illumination angle. In the summer, you are protected from overheating. In the winter, you allow more sunlight in to benefit from the solar heat. Can be integrated into new buildings and renovation projects. Thanks to the many options, any building can be provided with efficient sunscreens.


We always strive to achieve a minimalistic design with sleek lines. The aluminium parts guarantee that the sunscreen is durable and maintenance friendly.


Icarus blades are extruded aluminium profiles for use as sun protection, wall cladding or visual barriers.

∫ Icarus Aero are aerofoil blades in widths ranging from 100 to 480 mm.

∫ Icarus Plaero is the combination of a block blade and an aerofoil blade in widths of 150, 200 and 300 mm.

∫ Icarus Plano are block blades in widths of 60, 150, 200 and 300 mm.

Other shapes and sizes are possible in consultation with our design division to suit your project requirements


Sunclips are C-shaped extruded aluminium blades, mounted on a fixed supporting structure. The Sunclips system is installed horizontally or vertically in front of the facade to achieve the desired shading effect. SunclipsEVO comes in 3 sizes: SE.096, SE.130 and SE.176, with 96, 130 and 176 mm oversizing, respectively.

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