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Our ‘super-size’ aluminium Extra Large Lift and Slide Doors with a ultra slim interlock, manufactured from materials supplied by Schüco, the world’s number one aluminium systems company are the best in the world. Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its appearance, this highly engineered door system offers outstanding Passivhaus performance and individual sashes can be manufactured up to a stunning 3.5 metres wide by 3.5 metres high and offers incredible features.
Aluminium Extra Large Lift and Slide Doors are often best used to span massive openings with few upright sections and are perfect for swimming pool enclosures or where the view is breath taking. Keep in mind that slim aluminium sections means more glass and more light. And you have the option of 2, 3 and 4 panel openings and SmartClose soft-closing which gives a wonderful finishing touch.

In addition, you are assured of best in class thermally insulated aluminium profiles with high stability and excellent thermal and sound insulation.

Extra Large Lift and Slide Doors
Schuco ASE 60 Schuco ASE 80
Interlock sightline 40mm inline  or 94mm 40mm inline  or 94mm
Maximum door sizes 3.5 metres width or height 3.5 metres with or height
Outer frame-vent sightline 82mm or 92mm 82mm or 92mm
Opening Types 15 15
Track Options Single, double or triple Single, double or triple
Frame Depth 60mm 80mm
Typical best U-Value 1.1Wm2K Passivhaus Standard
Level threshold Yes Yes
Open corner option Yes Yes
Glass thickness 24mm to 40mm triple 36mm to 60mm triple

The Schuco ASE 60 and ASE 80 sliding doors are the ultimate large award-winning sliding doors in their class with minimal sightlines. Contact us to discuss the full range of options available and/or if you have any queries so we can ensure we offer you only the best products for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch


Extra Large Lift and Slide Doors

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Extra Large Lift and Slide Doors