Continuous louvre system

Continuous louvre system

Purpose of the continuous louvre system (CLS)

The continuous louvre system consists of a support structure to which blades are fitted. The support structure carries the complete louvre assembly and is formed by vertically or horizontal placed mullions fixed by brackets at set distances. Depending on the structure, renson offers different mullion types. Blade supports are permanently fixed to the mullions allowing the blades to be clip-locked onto their supports. The method of construction is simple
and well tested. Mitred corners, doors, vermin, bird or insect screens can all be incorporated. Depending on the application, different constructions are possible.

1. Screening
an application ideal for concealing unsightly equipment from

2. Ventilation
an assembly allowing the air flow in and out of a building whilst
restricting the entry of rain. Here the cls offers by far the best
aesthetic solution.

3. Screening against the weather
the continuous louvres system protects your installation from
wind, rain and vermin.

4. Acoustics
fitted with acoustic blades, the cl s is ideal for the screening
of noisy installations. The structure of the louvres system
together with the noise damping qualities ensure that noise is strongly
damped, while keeping good ventilation.

5. Aesthetic cladding
applications in which the blade profile design is preferred to other

6. Interior
interior cladding, possibly incorporating back lighting.

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