Timber / Aluminium composite

Idealcombi Futura+i

Idealcombi Futura+i

Staying true to our belief of delivering contemporary, high quality windows with slim sightlines our inward opening Futura+i tilt and turn windows have the same 53 mm external profile as Futura+. No compromises!

The idealcore™ of the Idealcombi windows eliminates cavities in the thermal break, improves durability and minimises maintenance needs on the Futura+i inward opening tilt or tilt and turn windows and doors.

Using the strong idealcore™ in the frame design means we can avoid chunky profiles, as you normally see on inward opening windows. The Futura+i is one of a kind. With outstanding energy performance.


Double glazed window
Indicative u-value 1,30 W/m²K*

Triple glazed window
Indicative u-value 0,74 W/m²K*

*Values for standard European test sizes

Wind and water tightness

Air permeability: Class 4 at ± 600Pa *

Wind load: Class C4 (1600Pa)*

Water tightness: Class E1800 (1800Pa)*

*Values for a tilt-turn Idealcombi Futura+i window

Elegant and innovative windows

  • From Jan 2017 reference u-values drop from 0.83 to 0.74 W/m²K
  • Made of Aluminium|PUR|Aluminium, since 2011
  • Slim 53mm aluminium profiles ensure maximum glass area and natural light
  • Highly insulated with optimum energy efficiency
  • Double or triple glazed options
  • Awarded Best Windows 2016 at Build It Awards

For all technical drawing, NBS Specifications and REVIT files for Idealcombi Futura+i go to our product database on

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