We have louvres that are suitable for every application.

Louvres can be used in all types of buildings, from technical cabins, hospitals to factory buildings. Louvres ensure that fresh air can enter from outside and polluted or overheated indoor air can be discharged. Louvres are frequently used in the residential sector as the exterior finishing for an extraction hood, airing cupboard or a home air-extractor fan.

Louvres offer great added value as night cooling to avoid overheating in a building. This means they are essential for keeping buildings functional and habitable.


This is what we do.


All louvres in this brochure have been manufactured from aluminium profiles AlMgSi 0,5 (according EN 12020-2).


Light, strong & durable:

Aluminium is a very light metal, about one third of the weight of steel. This results in a lighter product, more efficient use of transport,

high loading capacity, lower material usage…


100% recyclable:

Aluminium is 100% recyclable without loss of quality. The energy used to fuse the product takes only about 5% of the

energy used to produce the original product.

Did you know that 75% of the produced aluminium is still circulating the world?



By nature, aluminium generates a natural oxide coating and it is very corrosion resistant. And aluminium has resistance against UV radiation

from sunlight and can easily resist to temperature variations. Various types of surface treatments improve its corrosion resistance even




Our louvers can be anodized to look natural, with a 20-micron layer.


Powder coating: Our louvers are available with powder coating in all possible RAL colours, with a layer thickness of 60-80 pm. There

should be a pre-treatment, depending on the environment of application.

– Seaside Quality A Pre-treatment

We recommend a pre-treatment in accordance with Seaside Quality A for applications in aggressive environments (e.g. coastal

regions, in industrial atmospheres, etc.). This halves the risk of filiform corrosion under the paint in comparison with standard

coated profiles.

– Pre-treatment before anodizing

For applications in highly aggressive environments (e.g. coastal regions, on the coastline, in industrial atmospheres, etc.),

we recommend pre-treatment before anodizing. This halves the risk of filiform corrosion under the paint in comparison with

standard coated profiles.


Standard colours

The louvre panels and grills are available as standard in the following colours:

– STR 7016 (anthracite grey) TIGER 029/71289

– BEL 9010 (standard RensonR white) AXALTA AE90019148021

– EUR 9010 (cream white) AXALTA AE70019100125

– RAL 9016 (traffic white) AXALTA AE70019101525



Powdercoating available in:

– RAL: gloss of 70%

– MAT: gloss of 30%.



The only maintenance required is cleaning the louvre.



RensonR NV provides the installers with a warranty valid on the goods delivered to them for 2 years from the date of production covering all defects that may occur during normal use and maintenance of the delivered goods. The guarantee for colourfast of the aluminium powdercoated parts is 10 years. A warranty of 5 years applies to the gloss of the coated profiles.



Louvres will be packed in a transparent plastic foil. In case the louvre is larger than 500 mm on one side, expanded polystyrene will be added on the framework as protection. For very large louvres, an additional cardboard packaging ensures the correct pro-tection.


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